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Lower Your Costs with the Best Red Diesel Prices

If you’re looking for the best red diesel prices in the UK, you will already be well aware of how much money can be saved when using red diesel for your home or business. Red diesel fuel is used by all manner of different customers for heating homes and businesses (known as gas oil), on farming and agricultural premises, by construction companies and many more.

How to find the lowest red diesel prices

You may think that saving time and money go hand in hand, as well as being far easier by filling in the quote forms or contact forms on red diesel fuel suppliers websites to receive a quote online.

However, you may find you’re going to receive far better prices if you call and speak to one of fuel suppliers call centre staff instead. The reason for this is they will often prefer to provide you with a better price than they would have quoted you otherwise, in order to prevent you using one of their competitors that are also based in or delivering red diesel to the same locations across the UK.

So, unlike checking quotes for your car insurance or home or buildings insurance or indeed, searching for a new mobile phone contract. Their red diesel prices won’t always be set in stone and if you get the right salesperson on the phone.

Both the oil supplier and salesperson will want to ensure that they’re the company who end up delivering red diesel to you in order to win your fuel contract and ensure they’re making a commission in respects of the salesperson you’re talking to.

So, if you have the time, it’s advisable to pick 3 or more companies who can supply you with red diesel and see who is able to provide you with not only the lowest prices but also a delivery slot which is suitable for your needs.

If you’re running low on red diesel, you probably won’t want to risk waiting for a delivery with a longer lead time, even if they’re providing you with a great price.

When is the best time to order red diesel to save money?

You may think that ordering red diesel as and when you need it is the best way to save money and maximise your savings by buying in bulk as soon as your oil tanks run low. However, since you’ll be using most of your fuel supplies in the winter months, this is often the busiest time of year for fuel suppliers and also the time when their prices will become noticeably higher.

This will be due to a number of factors, with everything from demand for fuels being higher in the winter months leading to an increase in prices. Through to higher demand leading to increased workload for the red diesel suppliers themselves, leading to them increasing their delivery costs in order to ensure they’re able to meet demand and ensure deliveries are carried out on time.

As so, it would be advisable to consider forward planning your purchase of red diesel during the summer months or early autumn when you may find the red diesel prices are slightly lower and the costs of delivery may be lower as the fuel suppliers themselves will be receiving fewer orders and less demand on their own supply chain. Leading to them being willing to charge less, which in turn will help to save you money on your red diesel deliveries.

Latest Red Diesel Prices

Each and every red diesel supplier will set their own red diesel prices on a per litre basis and on a quantity basis with bulk discounts for those ordering larger quantities of red diesel. So, it would be difficult for us to show each and every price from all of the suppliers across the UK.

See above for ways to find the lowest red diesel prices

As so, another option to gauge the potential prices of red diesel and other fuels, is to follow the world crude oil prices and more specifically, the Brent Crude Oil Price in this case, to gauge any potential changes to fuel prices, including the latest red diesel prices.

Brent Crude Oil Prices

Brent Oil is also known as London Brent or North Sea Oil, were named by Shell and ExxonMobil after the Brent Goose (their other exploration fields were also named after birds). The chart to the right shows a live Brent Oil price.

If you cannot see the chart, please try reloading the page or report the problem to us.

Why is red diesel cheaper than regular white / road diesel?

The main reason for this is because red diesel which is also known as gas oil is a rebated fuel for use off-road. That means that it can legally be used by vehicles such as those used on farms and construction sites as well as in homes and businesses as a heating fuel and other uses such as diesel generators.

Unlike every other fuels intended to be used on the road which include a fuel duty which is applied to every litre you purchase by HMRC and the UK government at a flat rate of 57.95 pence per litre (ppl). Red diesel is a rebated fuel, which simply means it’s taxed at a lower rate and the reason for this is because they’re not intended to be used on the road.

In fact, red diesel and other rebated fuels have a fuel duty rate of only 11.14 ppl, that’s a rebated rate of 46.81 ppl which is roughly an 81% discount on the normal fuel duty rate. Not only that, but for sales of red diesel up to 2,300 litres, a lower 5% VAT rate is applied with the full rate of 20% only applied on sales over 2,301 litres.

Of course, here at red diesel near me, we’ve made it easier for you to find local red diesel suppliers to shop around and find the very lowest prices on red diesel no matter where you are in the UK.

What is the cheapest price for red diesel and white / road diesel

Of course we all want to pay the lowest possible prices on everything we buy, so fuels like red diesel and road diesel are no different. Whenever any of us are on the hunt for the lowest fuel prices, we never really have any comprehension of what the lowest possible prices are we could likely pay. So with that in mind, we’ve taken a look to see what the lowest prices are for red diesel that we could feasibly expect to pay.

As we’ve already explained, HMRC and the UK government apply both a fuel duty and VAT to the price of the fuels we buy.

Realistically, even if the oil refineries and oil suppliers were to give away their fuels for free. There would still be a minimum cost price at the pump for all fuels, whether that be red diesel or road diesel. The actual prices the suppliers charge you will vary and will never be lower than what you see below. As so, it’s well worth shopping around for a cheaper red diesel price to get the best possible price. Your mileage (sorry for the pun) on the saving by doing this will very much depend on where you buy road diesel and red diesel from and in the case of rebated fuels such as red diesel and kerosene, the time of year you buy them.

Fuel TypeLowest Price*: up to 2,300 litresLowest Price*: over 2,301 litres
Red Diesel / Rebated Fuels11.697 pence per litre (5% VAT)13.37 pence per litre (20% VAT)
Road Diesel  / Road Fuels69.54 pence per litre (20% VAT)69.54 pence per litre (20% VAT)

Bear in mind, the lowest possible prices are a base price not including additional fees applied by the oil refinery and fuel suppliers to supply these fuels t you. The prices are only made up of the fuel duty and associated VAT rates.

We all know that the UK isn’t agreat place to live as a car owner, since our fuel prices are one of the most expensive in the world in large, thanks to the fuel duty and VAT added to the fuel prices. It’s unlikely that any UK government will ever consider decreasing the fuel duty rate, but there is ever chance that it could increase in time.

In fact, from 1st April 2022, the UK government plans to make changes to current legislation banning some current uses of red diesel which will effectively remove the fuel duty rebate for many industries. This is likely to have a huge implication on many industries with their fuel costs seeing huge increases.

How do diesel prices in the UK compare to the rest of the world?

You’re probably well aware that we’re one of the most expensive countries in the world when it comes to the prices we pay at the pump when buying road fuels such as diesel and petrol. Something that many industries who will lose their access to the red diesel rebate in April 2022 will be contemplating.

As so, we thought we would take a look at just how expensive the UK is in comparison to other countries around the world based on the data provided by the website. All the data below was correct at the time of writing.

First of all, based on an average fuel price of £1.30 per litre for road diesel, that would make the UK the 163rd most expensive country in the world based on the diesel price at the pump. To put that into context, that’s 163 out of 166 countries, ahead of only; Israel, Sweden, Hong Kong where it’s even more expensive to buy diesel.

If we were lucky enough to be told by the fuel suppliers that they no longer planned to charge us for diesel, we’d still need to pay the fuel duty and VAT on the fuel. That means our “free” diesel fuel would still incur a fee of 69.54 ppl which would need to be paid by either the vehicle owner or the fuel suppliers. Our “free” diesel would still only place us at number 77 in the list, which is a measure of how highly taxed we are as a country.

Of course, with the rebate on red diesel you may be wondering where in the table this would place us  just based on the fuel duty rate and VAT prices. For those purchasing over 2,301 litres, they can expect to pay a minimum of 13.37 ppl which would move the UK up to 5th in the list and for those purchasing less than 2,300 litres, that would then take us up even further to; number 5 again surprisingly, based on a fuel price of only 11.697 ppl with only the fuel duty and VAT applied to the price.

Of course in all fairness, the fuel prices around the world vary so much based on a number of factors that aren’t accurately reflected in these tables. As a general rule, the richer countries very often have higher fuel prices than the poorer countries and those countries which produce and export oil.

All the countries on the list who rely on imported petroleum, have access to the same prices on the international markets. The differences in prices across the various countries are due to the different tax rates they impose along with subsidies they place on the fuels sold in those countries including diesel. As a result, the retail prices of diesel around the world is vary considerably.

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Using a red diesel supplier near you or that has the ability to deliver to your location has lots of benefits, including faster delivery times and tanker delivery drivers with local knowledge of the routes to your business. This is especially important in the winter months and at times when you need your fuel the most.

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